The college of phlebology Masterclass

Elevate Your Phlebology Expertise: Exclusive Masterclass Led by Professor Mark Whiteley at the Whiteley Clinic on May 3-4, 2024

Phlebology, a dynamic discipline dedicated to the study of veins and venous disorders, is at the forefront of transformative medical breakthroughs. In the spirit of progress and knowledge sharing, the College of Phlebology is delighted to present a momentous event that converges leading experts, live case demonstrations, and cutting-edge technologies onto the stage of medical education.

An Unmissable Learning Experience:

Circle the dates—May 3rd and 4th, 2024—for an unmissable opportunity to amplify your expertise in the realm of phlebology. Nestled within the esteemed Whiteley Clinic, this event will unveil an array of live cases and thought-provoking presentations, all guided by the eminent Professor Mark Whiteley, a luminary in the field and a pioneer in advancing the understanding of venous disorders.

Diving into the Masterclass Agenda:

A two-day voyage of knowledge and exploration awaits attendees. This carefully curated program is designed to widen horizons, deepen understanding, and foster collaboration in the domain of phlebology. The event offers a window into real-time live cases, a comprehensive exploration of the latest treatment methodologies, and vibrant discussions on pivotal subjects within venous and lymphatic medicine. Amid the insightful sessions, participants will engage with luminaries in the field, share valuable experiences, and foster connections during networking intermissions.

Embarking on the HIFU Echotherapy Journey:

Amid the array of enriching sessions, a beacon shines—a dedicated segment on HIFU Echotherapy. This session spotlights an innovative, non-invasive procedure that wields the power of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology to meticulously target and treat specific venous and lymphatic conditions. Led by distinguished practitioners, attendees will unravel the intricacies of HIFU Echotherapy, exploring its foundational principles, applications, and the tangible clinical outcomes it promises to deliver.

Witnessing the Sonovein Machine’s Marvel:

A pinnacle of the event’s intrigue lies within the HIFU Echotherapy session—a live demonstration featuring the revolutionary Sonovein Machine. This captivating showcase unveils the machine’s astonishing precision and efficacy as it addresses a spectrum of venous disorders. Attendees are poised to witness this groundbreaking technology in action, offering a firsthand glimpse into its transformative potential.

Special Offer for College of Phlebology Members:

As a heartfelt gesture to College of Phlebology members, a generous discount coupon awaits, graciously slashing the registration fee by £950. This exclusive concession underscores the organization’s commitment to advancing phlebology knowledge and making this exceptional event accessible to all who share the passion.

Securing Your Spot:

Seize the moment to secure your participation in this immersive learning expedition. Given the desire to foster an intimate and interactive environment, the Masterclass boasts limited availability—only 35 fortunate attendees will be able to participate. To avoid disappointment, early registration is strongly recommended.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

The College of Phlebology extends an invitation to visionary companies to join this extraordinary event as sponsors. While one sponsorship slot has been secured by the reputable medical company Theraclion from France, an additional sponsorship opportunity remains open. Embrace the chance to showcase your commitment to advancing phlebology and bolstering medical education by participating as a sponsor.

Elevating Phlebology Together:

The College of Phlebology’s Masterclass transcends traditional education, becoming an unforgettable experience of learning, networking, and technological marvels. Join us on May 3-4, 2024, at the Whiteley Clinic—an exclusive rendezvous to elevate your phlebology prowess.

For registrations, sponsorships, or further details, please visit the College of Phlebology website or contact us via email at

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