Born 1960 in Austria
Medical studies between 1981 – 1987 University Vienna
MD since 1990, Surgeon since 1995, Trauma Surgeon since 2001
Duplex Ultrasound and surgery of reflux since 1990
First surgical treatment of reflux AND ulcer (“all in one”) 1992
Surgical ordination since 1997 in addition to medical functions in hospitals in
Melk and Vienna
Scientific member and leader of the Institute of Functional Phlebologic Surgery
Karl Landsteiner Society since 2005
Organizer of more than 70 workshops regarding Duplex, Foam, stripping,
thermal ablation and ulcer surgery
Organizer of “Wachauer Venensymposium”
Memberships in diverse societies, especially active member of “OUT-AG”
(operative ulcer treatment) organizing surgical workshops for ulcer treatment
together with Achim Hermanns
Initiator of
“Sourcing”: to detect origin of venous hypertension causing ulcers by
“mixed ulcers – veins first”: abolishment of venous reflux in case of
venbous ulcer despite PAD

Alfred Obermayer

Important ulcer related publications:
Obermayer A, Göstl K, Walli G, Benesch T, Chronic venous leg ulcers benefit from surgery: Long-term
results from 173 legs. J Vasc Surg 2006;44:572-9.
Obermayer A, Göstl K, Partsch H, Benesch T. Venous reflux surgery promotes venous leg ulcer healing
despite reduced ankle brachial pressure index. Int Angiol 2008;27:239-46.
Obermayer A, Garzon K. Sourcing of superficial reflux in venous leg ulcers using duplex ultrasound.
J Vasc Surg 2010;52:1255-61.
Mosti G, De Maeseneer M,, .. Obermayer A, et al, Society for Vascular Surgery and
American Venous
Forum Guidelines on the
management of venous leg ulcers:
the point of view of the International Union
of Phlebology, International Angiology, 2015, June, 34 – No. 3 202-18
Lee BB, Nicolaaides A,… Obermayer A, et al, Venous hemodynamic changes in lower limb venous
disease: the UIP consensus according to scientific evidence, International Angiology 2016 June;35
Obermayer A, Steinbacher F. et al, Lateral Fasciectomy Sparing the Superficial Peroneal Nerv with
Simultaneous Mesh Graft in Non- healing Lateral Leg Ulcers of Diverse Vascular Origin, EJVES, 2016,

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