I am the founder and director of the Caribbean Vascular and Vein Clinic. I have been called out on several occasions to manage patients with vascular injuries at the GeneralHospital and at The Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. The fore mentioned services have all been provided au gratis.

I was the surgical consultant attached to the John Hayes kidney Foundation. I provide dialysis access at no cost for those who cannot afford surgical intervention.

I was currently the main surgeon involved with the “GOOD WILL PROGRAMME”, a joint effort between Medcorp Ltd and the North West Regional Health Authority to provide free surgery for patients on the waiting list at The General Hospital Port of Spain. To date, I have done over 30 such cases.

I have founded the first dedicated Wound Care Center in the country. The aim of this center is to treat and cure wounds of any nature and etiology. The center is also embarking on several research projects including experimental healing in animal subjects.

I currently head the “LEGS FOR LIFE CLINIC” which is a charity clinic that looks after prevention and cure of patients with diabetic foot problems who cannot afford management otherwise.

I am the founder of the Caribbean Vein and Lymphatic society.

I was a previous committee member and sail instructor for the Windsurfing Association of Trinidad and Tobago


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