With over 15 years of experience in vascular and endovascular surgery, Dr Nadeem Jan is the Founder Director of Varicose and More, a specialized healthcare company that offers comprehensive and affordable care for patients with varicose veins and other vascular disorders. He leads a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who share his vision of providing quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.
Dr. Jan graduated with honors from Jammu University in 2003. He procured his master’s degree in 2009 from the prestigious National Board of Education. Following this, the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh recognized his talent in the field of surgery, with interest in vascular surgery and bestowed the coveted F.R.C.S. fellowship.
In 2012 Dr. Jan added another feather to his cap by completing the Fellowship in Endovascular Management of Varicose Veins at The Presbyterian Hospital, New York, USA.
In 2015 he has been successful in acquiring the Fellowship of the European Board of Vascular Surgeons. Dr Jan is a lifetime member of many national and international surgical societies like Venous Association of India , European Society of Vascular Surgery, International Society of Vascular & Endovasculat Surgeons etc to name a few.

Dr. Jan has recently been awarded as one of the top 5 vascular surgeons of the country by insightscare magazine which is one of the largest healthcare survey magazines of India.
On the social front, he is associated with three NGO’s in Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab, and is working towards spreading awareness regarding various vascular ailments and treatment among the poor section of the society at their doorstep.
Dr Nadeem Jan has been also appointed as the Health Secretary For International Board in Global Human Rights Trust India.

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