Born and raised in Milan (Italy), class of ’74, I became enamoured of anything that is alive and grow since childhood. Curious by nature, I often look at things with the intent of understanding how they worked, and ways to fix them when they would stop ticking. So it was how I decided to become a doctor. And because curiosity has no boundaries, I have taken up interest in the vascular system, which is at the root of life and sprinkles all and every corner of our body. But I have also always sided for all that is neglected and considered of small worth (by those that do not know it and/or understand its real value). Hence, after completing the training in cardiovascular surgery, I started to concentrate on the venous pathology and the impact that this have on people. It was a hard decision to leave behind all that I learnt about arteries, aneurysms and heart diseases. But my main purpose has always been to make people feel better, and there is nothing for it much more than to cure the venous diseases. I might not save the life of one, but I can make a hundred feel better. And this is what I do best in life!


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