we are consultant of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery in Iraq but during the last 5 years we are totally practicing venous and lymphedema diseases managements.
we are practicing different recent modalities of treatment of superficial venous pathologies being one of the earliest in Iraq who used microsclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, endovenoous laser ablation (EVLT) including the double ring fibers and most recent endovenous laser technique i.e. 1470 nm.
For the endovenous surgery for treatment of deep venous pathologies, we have nice experience during last 2 years in this very demanding and difficult field of vascular surgery, our earliest Iraqi works were finally published ACTA phlebologica with manuscript entitled ( first reported series of iliocaval stenting from Iraq, what are the earliest lessons?)
for the lymphedema, we are working on introducing the recent physiological surgical methods for treatment of our patients after taking the required training and mastership degree.

Hayder Al Saffar-693


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  • Laith haddad


    عمل استثنائي و جهود رائعة و نصائح قيمة يقدمها دكتور حيدر للمرضى حتى حصولهم على نتيجة واضحة و مرضية

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