July 23, 1952 – born in Prague in family of general practitioner Jaroslav Strejček and Marie Strejčková-Wagnerová, doctor of internal medicine
1958-1967 – Basic school Prague / Uhrineves
1967-1970 – High-school Prague / Ricany
1970-1976 – Medical School of Charles University in Prague
1976-1977 – Military sevice
1980 – 1st Grad – Dermatovenerology
1983 – 2nd Grad – Dermatovenerology
1989 – Ph.D.
2007 – Visiting Professor , 2nd Medical School of Charles Univ., Prague
1977 – 1992 – 1st. Dermatological Clinic (assistent and associate prof.)
1992 – now – Centre for Dermatological Angiology Prague/Říčany – Medical director
1994 – now – Dermatological Clinic 2nd Medical faculty Charles Univ. Prague – visiting professor
2001 – now – First medical auditor for Dermatovenerology at the General Insurance Company of the Czech Republic
2003 – 2004 – University of California San Diego – lab for vascular research – head of research and visiting professor
Present positions:
– President of Czech Society of Phlebology
– President of the Czech Academy of Dermatovenereology
– President of the Dermatological Board of the Czech Medical Chamber
– Member of the Board of Czech Society of Dermatology and Venereology
– Member of the Board of the Czech Society of Lymphology
– Member of the Excutive Board of the Central European Vascular Forum
– Member of Executive Board of European College of Phlebology (Guideline Committee)
– Member of Directors of the Vein and Lymphatic Unoiversity – New York
– Editor-in-Chief Praktická flebologie and founder
– Editor-in-Chief Central European Vascular Journal and founder
– Director of Centre for Dermatological Angiology and founder
– Past Vice-President of the Union International of Phlebology
– Coordinator for further education in Dermatology, Czech Medical Chamber
– Member of the International Editorial Board – Acta Phlebologica (Italy)
– Member of the International Editorial Board – Phlebology Digest (Benelux)
Endovenous section of the Czech Society of Phlebology
Czech Academy of Dermatovenereology
Society Member :
American Academy of Phlebology
Österreichische Ges.f. Phlebologie
German Society of Phlebology
Czech Society of Dermatovenerology
Czech Society of Angiology
Czech Society of Phlebology
Czech Society of Lymphology
Internationales Forum für Minichirurgie der Varizen
Honorary Membership:
Slovak Society of Angiology
Czech Society of Phlebology
Czech Society of Dermatology and Venerology
Czech Academy of Dermatovenereology
German Society of Phlebology (corresponding member)
Societa Italiana di Flebologia
Publications :
– 129 Journal Articles
– 18 Book chapters
Internarnational Awards:
– Gold Abstract Award for Excellence for an abstract presented at the 18th Annual Congress of the American College of Phlebology (San Marco Island, Florida, 2004)
– Gold Award for scientific presentation– Sclerotherapy – Florence 2007
Congress President:
 2005 – VII. Euro-American Congress on Venous Diseases, Presidents –prof. Dr. Jaroslav Strejček, CSc., a dr. Mitchel P. Goldman (USA). Over 400 participants from 27countries worldwide– Prague
 2011 – International Union of Phlebology entrusted president of the Czech Society of Phlebology to organize European Chapter Meeting of UIP – Prag – over 1600 participants from 49 countries worldwide

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