Joana Storino is an angiologist and vascular surgeon specializing in vascular ultrasonography with a keen interest in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic venous disorders. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Sciences and has previously served as a professor of Human Anatomy and head of the department of Surgery at the Medical Sciences Faculty of Minas Gerais from 2020 to 2023.

In addition to her academic roles, Joana Storino currently serves as the scientific coordinator for DASA, a medical diagnostic services company in Latin America. She plays a crucial role in overseeing the scientific aspects of DASA’s operations in Minas Gerais region. Furthermore, she is a preceptor of the Vascular Surgery residency program at Mater Dei Hospital, where she guides and mentors aspiring vascular surgeons.

Notably, Joana Storino is the founder of the Pelvic Team, a dedicated group that focuses on studying and raising awareness of chronic pelvic pain caused by venous issues. Her expertise in this area is further demonstrated through her role as a professor of the course on pelvic varicose veins and their connections with the lower limbs.

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