Prof. Łukasz Paluch, MD, PhD.
He graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw, simultaneously studying at the Medical University of Granada (Spain) and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (Portugal). After graduation, he underwent training in the field of phlebology at the Greifswald University Hospital in Germany under the supervision of prof. Michel Junger. After returning to Poland in 2013, he continued his education specializing in the field of radiology and diagnostic imaging. During the training, he got educated in the field of diagnostics and endovascular treatment of venous vessels under the supervision of a national consultant, prof. Jerzy Walecki. In 2017 he defended cum laude his doctoral thesis in the field of venous pathology. The result of the work was presented simultaneously at the European Venous Forum in Porto and in international medical journals. After receiving the title of Doctor of Medicine, he continued his scientific activity – in 2020 he completed his habilitation procedure by publishing a thesis, i.a., in the field of modern methods of diagnosing venous insufficiency. The same year, he was awarded the title of professor at the CMKP. From the beginning of his medical career, he trained intensively in the world’s best phlebology centers. He gained knowledge, i.a., in London, Genoa, Riga, and Ankara. He practiced under the supervision of such eminent authorities as, for instance, prof. Uldis Maurins.
For years he has been dealing with the treatment of venous insufficiency. He has done over 20,000 diagnostic tests and about 10,000 various types of procedures to remove insufficient veins (including over 4,000 laser ablations). He has the broadest experience in Poland with a radial laser (neolaser) with a wavelength of 1470 and 1940 nm. He was the first doctor in Poland to use a 1940 nm laser.
He conducts numerous Polish and international training courses in the field of treatment and diagnosis of venous insufficiency. He trains doctors and medical students. Since 2019, he has been an examiner of the National Specialization Examination for doctors after completing a specialization training in the field of diagnostics and imaging radiology. Academic lecturer at medical universities (CMKP and the Lazarski University).
He regularly presents his achievements at Polish and world scientific congresses. He also conducts research in the field of venous insufficiency. The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal recognized one of his publications as the world’s best papers of 2019.
Winner of many grants from the Polish Society of Phlebology and the Polish Society of Radiology.
Member of the Professors’ Council of Experts of Naczelna Izba Lekarska (the Polish Supreme Medical Chamber).


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