Mr. Omar is a Consultant Venous Surgeon and Phlebologist and Honouring Senior Lecturer for The College of Phlebology. Mr. Omar has a special interest in walk-in, walk-out surgery for varicose veins, with experience of over 13 years. Please visit Mr. Omar’s personal webpage
He has maintained a keen interest in the treatment of venous diseases throughout his career and has enthusiastically adopted The Whiteley Protocol for the treatment of varicose veins.

In summary about Mr. Omar:

  • First surgeon who ever described the technique to treat huge varicose veins (veins with a diameter of 2.5 cm and more at the Sapheno-Femural Junction) using the Endovenous Radial Laser 1470 nm and without the need for open surgery (later called the Multi-Pass technique). The technique was described at the Second International Meeting of The College Of Phlebology in London in March 2018, and for that presentation, Dr. Omar won the second prize for the best scientific paper.
  • First surgeon in the UK and second worldwide who treats varicose veins using the new High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound SONOVEIN S, which is the newest method anywhere in the world for varicose veins treatment without the need of anaesthesia
  • The second surgeon in the UK to treat varicose veins using Endovenous Microwave Ablation (EMWA)
    Specialist in General Ultrasonography.
  • Fellow of The College of Phlebology from the UK (FCPhleb).
  • Member of The International Union of Phlebology (IUP).
  • Member of The European Venous Forum (EVF).
  • Fellow of The American College of Phlebology (FACPh).
  • Fluent in 3 languages: English, Arabic, and Romanian.
  • Alongside The Whiteley Clinic Team, was awarded with “Best Varicose Veins Treatment – UK 2020″ by Global Health & Pharma Magazine.
  • Over 500 reviews across various review platforms including Doctify, Trustpilot and TopDoctors

He has maintained a keen interest in the treatment of venous diseases throughout his career and has enthusiastically adopted The Whiteley Protocol® for the treatment of varicose veins.

Details of Mr. Omar Abu Bakr’s career can be found here:

Omar regularly gets 5-Star reviews from happy patients and has recently been awarded his second certificate for “Excellent Patient Experience” from Doctify.

Mr Omar Abu-Bakr has been certified by Top Doctors in recognition of his professional and medical excellence.

Mr Omar Abu-Bakr is one of the world’s first doctors to use SONOVEIN as well as he has also performed the Endovenous Microwave Ablation Treatment of Varicose Veins.



12 Reviews

  • Doaa Alsayyed


    Wonderful doctor and person, honest and extremely knowledgeable.. Simply, you are reassured knowing you are being treated by the very best doctor in varicose treatment using the latest proven techniques.. He has changed my life!

  • Alastair MacMillan


    I M very grateful for all Omar’s work and appreciated his approach to the problem. Things had got pretty bad before hand and the work he and his team did has been transformational. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so.



    Dr Omar was very efficient and brisk in dealing with my vein issues. He explained the procedures clearly and patiently, and kept me amused during the discomfort of the operations with a steady stream of repartee. the wearing of the surgical stockings post-op was exceedingly uncomfortable and the pressure of the stockings on the bandages caused sores at my ankles that took 2 weeks to heal. I think more support could have been given by the clinic in helping with this issue, rather than simply saying “that’s how it is”!

  • Frances Gayne


    Omar is a fantastic surgeon and has a very reassuring approach. I am so happy with the vein surgery I had with Omar he was so good at explaining exactly what was going to happen and my nerves quickly disappeared with his excellent bedside manner. I could not recommend him highly enough and The Whiteley Clinic.

  • Mark Goucher


    Omar is terrific. I would thoroughly recommend him as a venous surgeon. He tells it straight and inspires confidence in his ability to identify root causes and address them through cutting edge surgery and methodologies. We are lucky to have him as a surgeon who is available to treat patients in the U.K. Long may it remain so!

  • Sally Smallwood


    Highly recommended. A surgeon passionate about his specialism and his patients.

  • Emma Bradley


    Left one burn thst was marked up
    To be taken out once all the checks had been done, and it’s the main reason I went but it is still there, when I questioned it he said we can’t remove healthy veins, yet it was shown up not to be healthy and marked out clearly on my leg to come out, so fir the price I paid over £5000, I wasn’t totally satisfied

  • Jacqueline Davies


    Dr Omar was brilliant. He made the many procedures as painless as possible. The results are still improving over two years later. I didn’t think I’d ever show my legs again, but now I can wear shorts or skirts without feeling self conscious.

  • Isabel Dodson


    Omar is a proud man. Proud of his knowledge, skills and ability to do the best he can for his patients.
    We are lucky to have his dedication.

  • Marilyn Harrison


    Dr Omar is an outstanding surgeon. I spent a long time researching where to have my veins treated and am thrilled with the results. I felt very safe in his care, as his dedication and expertise are immediately apparent. I am very grateful for this life changing experience which for me was pain free.

  • Emma Burgh


    Excellent process and results. Very happy with Omar’s professionalism and knowledge as well as his humour. My legs were hindering my lifestyle and are now ‘working properly’ and allowing me to do long day hikes again plus I have more energy in the evenings afterwards. The heavy tired feeling has gone.

  • Shelagh


    Dr Omar and his team have been fantastic. He explained the problem and the procedure very clearly. He is an extremely approachable and friendly person who has patients’ best interest at heart. The team were extremely careful to minimise any discomfort during the treatment, and explained the recovery process in detail. Three weeks later, the difference is amazing already. I can fully recommend this clinic and this team.

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