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Mark Whiteley is a Consultant Venous Surgeon and Consultant Phlebologist specializing in the walk-in, walk-out surgery for varicose veins. He trained at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and was a lecturer in surgery at Oxford University from 1995 to 1998.

Mark was appointed Consultant Vascular Surgeon in 1998. He performed the first endovenous “keyhole” surgery for varicose veins in the UK in March 1999.  Mark also performed the first Microwave Varicose Veins Ablation in Europe, in February 2019.

As the founder of The Whiteley Clinic and The Whiteley Protocol®, his aim was to bring the very best treatments for varicose veins and vein problems, such as thread veins and leg ulcers, to the UK public.

The Whiteley Protocol® is now adopted by all surgeons treating varicose veins within The Whiteley Clinic. Mark Whiteley and his team have been at the forefront of developments in this field over the last decade and have won international, national, and regional prizes for their research into vein treatments.

In addition to his strong background in medical research, Mark is committed to teaching and training, running regular courses for thread vein and varicose vein treatments at The College of Phlebology.

Details of Professor Mark Whiteley’s career and research can be found here:



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  • Iain Brockbank


    A very friendly approach and he is clearly a subject matter expert. I felt safe under his care. I didn’t really feel fully prepared for the impact/seriousness of the procedure. The patient sheet I was given said it was ‘recommended’ to arrange a lift home afterwards. I drove to Guildford from Bristol so had to drive home after with a heavily bandaged leg and the risk of it seeping. I feel I should have been prepared for this and told to arrange for someone to drive me – not just a recommendation.

    I was also led to believe that the procedure would take approx 30 minutes. In fact it took closer to 2.5 hours, it I was not given an explanation for this extra time.

    I was given the impression beforehand that this was a pretty routine and quite non-invasive procedure. I suggest preparing patients a little better for what they can expect and making sure they aren’t driving after.

  • 5.0

    I can highly recommend Professor Whiteley and all the team. The care is exceptional. Professor Whiteley is a true professional, from his excellent consultation skills to his diagnostic and surgical expertise. In my opinion, he is the best in the business.

  • Claire Watts


    I went to see Professor Mark Whiteley due to very bad veins which had previously been stripped 5 times each leg. I felt that I had no where else to go with getting rid of my veins due to the recurrence and now swelling at the ankle area of my right leg. The professor took time to explain to me what they would be able to do and the extent of my treatment.
    The whole team were amazing and on every visit took time to make sure all was ok and that I was comfortable.
    I wouldn’t say that the treatment was pain free, and due to the extent of my problems it did take some time for each treatment, but all was completed under local anaesthetic which made recovery so much easier.
    I had a considerable amount of treatment last year between January and November and now waiting for the healing process but expect I will need more treatment later this year, but so far I am extremely happy with the results and looking forward to even more improvements as the healing goes on.
    I would highly recommend both Professor Whiteley and all of the Team at the Whiteley Clinic

  • Jan Chandler


    Professor Whiteley was very informative regarding my treatment. Extremely professional and totally put me at ease. In fact the whole team at the Whiteley were lovely. I would have no hesitation in recommending the clinic.

  • Satnam Bhathe


    Professor Whitely is an an exceptional caring and compassionate person and an outstanding surgeon who is at the top of his game. The reality was my legs looked hideous and after the surgery it seemed I had a brand new leg and the veins that were removed were substancial. I will forever be grateful to Professor Whitely but also his team that treated me with such care and empathy.

  • Sarah Lattimore


    From one perfectionist to another , Prof Whiteley is a consummate professional.
    I had previously treated and severe venous disease but was treated seriously, meticulously and completely by the whole team with great care. However, in the nicest possible way, I do hope that I won’t see you again! Please don’t retire too soon, just in case…

  • Susan Barnes


    I recently had vein treatment on my right leg performed by Professor Whitely and cannot speak highly enough of him and his staff. Excellent care and communication during the procedure and detailed instruction about removing bandages etc at home alone. I was able to resume walking and golfing etc. quite quickly and have not experienced any discomfort since. I look forward to a secondary treatment later in the year. Thank goodness a friend told me about the Clinic during a casual conversation!

  • Clare Rogers


    Great results. I take much better care of my legs. Daily moisturising, flight socks (even if I’ve got a long day on my feet).
    No longer conscious of covering up with long skirts/trousers.
    I’ve since referred 2 friends who also had previous stripping elsewhere with unsuccessful results!

  • Alexandra Wagner


    I feel very lucky to have been treated by Professor Mark Whitley. The whole process from the first consultation, scans , surgery and post operative care was excellent. Professor Whiteley is one of the best and most regarded vein surgeons in Europe and Internationally. The passion he has for his job and care for his patients shows every time I meet him. I found him very professional and at the same time very down to earth and he has a very good humour too, easily putting you at ease even during the surgery. I felt a lot of positivity and a very good vibe every time I visited his Clinic and met with the Professor or his team. I was very sensitive as a patient having had a bad experience and not genuine consent process in another clinic, and my experience with Professor Whitely has made me regain faith in doctors. I had laser surgery and foam sclerotherapy on both legs with two veins not going away. Professor Whitley has treated those two veins without charging me, even though I had signed consent they could return. Overall I found that the scans and investigations are very thorough, the medical team is very organised and positive and the whole team is treating you with honesty, integrity and humility.My legs are smooth and clear of big veins. The pain and heaviness have gone completely, and I can drive long distances without pain and distress. I only need to return for the small red thread veins, mostly for the cosmetic effect, which I look forward to, I would like to thank the whole team and I really hope that they will stay this way.

  • Gen W


    I have nothing to compare this experience with in terms of vein treatment, which while expensive, in my eyes completely worth it for Mark Whiteley and his team, whose knowledge, professionalism and precision made me feel like I was in the hands of experts. The warmth of Monique in particular was very reassuring.
    I personally had no swelling or complications of any kind and very minimal bruising. I’d happily recommend this practice to anyone.

  • James Arthurs


    On my first visit to the clinic I was made to feel very much at ease my consultation with professor Mark Whitley was wonderful and so reassuring, I later had my legs scanned and the complete diagram made of them ,the team there so supportive and professional and made me feel at ease all the way.
    On my return visit a few months later surgery and post operated care was just amazing and I’m so pleased with the fantastic results so far after suffering over many years after being disappointed with other treatments in another Clinic can see a big improvement . My next visit coming I will be treated with form Sclerotherapy to treat mainly my left leg and perhaps small procedure on right leg , after which my leg will be bandage for three weeks in a few months after that procedure I will be callback by Professor Mark Whitley to be treated for small thread veins if needed .
    I would have no hesitation in recommending Professor Mark Whitley who is the leading light in vascular vein treatments and internationally recognised for his work in this field and his wonderful support team will treat you with kindness and great humidity

  • Mrs Milne


    I have had ugly veins in my right leg since my mid teens, becoming more and more unsightly, and have never worn a skirt above the calf. In my 20s I had a vein stripped, which was a fairly major surgery, with no improvement and a lot of pain. I found that camouflage creams didn’t work, and I resigned myself to the situation being one that couldn’t be resolved. When at 47, I started to get severe pain in my leg, I decided to consult Prof Whiteley and I am delighted I did, after several procedures, including echo therapy, all of which were relatively painless compared to what I’d had done before, At 49, I finally feel I have a leg that isn’t deeply embarrassing! Also, whilst I’d say there is still some sensitivity in the calf if I press it, it’s no longer painful so it’s a small price to pay. I have worn shorts on holiday for the first time, and don’t have to stand with my leg at an angle to hide the veins in a swimsuit. I considered Prof and his whole team (especially his clinic director/ senior nurse) to operate a very professional clinic, with excellent medical care, and though it’s not cheap, or quick, for me it was well worth it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Prid Whiteley and his team.

  • Emily


    Life changing! The most wonderful results and the best, most professional care I’ve ever had for any treatment. I had several treatments for extensive varicose veins in both legs which I’ve had for most of my adult life (since I was 20, I’m nearly 40) and I now have no discomfort, no unsightly veins and a huge boost to my confidence and health. I recommend Professor Whiteley to anyone – his knowledge is unrivalled, the care of the clinic faultless and despite my nerves, the procedure and aftercare was as thorough as I could have asked for. Thankyou, I’m so grateful!

  • Susan Barnes


    I recently had foam sclerotherapy on my right leg to complete the treatment package. Excellent result, no discomfort and well worth managing the three weeks in the special stocking!! I feel extremely lucky to have been treated by this renowned Doctor and his staff. I would highly recommend this treatment and clinic. The ultimate result is that I no longer need to wear the dreaded compression stockings!! Hurray!

  • Sally Cooper


    An expert and true professional. Having been guided by Professor Whiteley to read his books I felt confident about the options of treatment presented to me. He has gathered an excellent team around him to support him in providing excellent treatment.

  • Linda Hogg


    I have been very pleased with the treatment so far. I recovered very quickly, with no complications bar I had a skin irritation from the band at the top of the stockings, I have been informed that the team can deal with this and put an extra layer between the band and my skin when I have to wear them for 3 weeks after the foam sclerotherapy next month. I feel very fortunate to have had the treatment by Mr Whiteley and his team. I would certainly highly recommend them.

  • Sarah Green


    Very knowledgeable professional and explained everything thoroughly which inspired confidence.
    I’m only part way through my treatment so far so minimal improvements ‘appearance-wise’ but this is what I was advised would be the case.

    My first treatment was quite uncomfortable (I am hoping my second treatment will be less so) and so I definitely needed the recovery time and cup of tea. As advised, I was able to travel home alone from Central London on public transport and then a walk though a bit stiff with the bandages and stockings.

    Any discomfort was easily managed with paracetamol.

  • Sara Green


    Professor Whiteley was recommended to me by several people when I was looking for a consultant to treat unsightly varicose and thread veins.
    I saw him initially for a second opinion and knew immediately that however long I’d have to wait he was my consultant of choice. I was nervous about foam schlerotherapy but have had total confidence in Professor Whiteley. My treatments started in June and are in process. While not always the most comfortable I have always felt safe and confident I am receiving the best care possible. Thank you so much. Gold standard for the whole team.

  • Angelica MacArthur


    I have so far recived laser treatment and vein removal in both legs. I await review with Prof Whiteley and anticipate foam sclerotherapy in due course. My biggest issue was with the levels of communication – the initial assessment would have benefitted from being slower, more patient focussed regarding what to expect during the procedures with more time for questions – most especially in relation to what to expect and how to navigate the stress of the phlebectomies – please do not minimise the phlebectomies they are distressing and scarey – I am someone who needs to know what is being done to my body not told ‘this is the bit you don’t want to know about’ by the nurse, or distracted by music and talk about football! well as the strange experience of isolating the veins before lasering -which made my legs feel as if they were exploding…- the local anaesthetics were painful but the laser procedure while not painful, was full of wierd sensations – so more definaition and choice please next time about what information i need to know and why i need to be kept awake during the phlebectomy – which in my case felt a bit traumatic – . Also I am 4 weeks post op and have a firm tender lump mid left calf which seems to be a vein – not sure what is happening there – it is not changing – again more information re what to expect and how to navigate next time please – happy to talk all this through – hoping all will be well in the long term. Thank you.

  • Karen beadle


    Ditto everything James Arthur said on March 9 2023. I had vein ablation, removal of veins and foam sclertherapy approx 3 years ago now on both legs. Whiteley clinic staff and Mark – excellent. Not pleasant at the time, but well worth it now. No problem with wearing dresses now. A little scarring on left lower leg but I can deal with that. Legs 100% better than before treatment. Thank you Mark and clinic staff.

  • Linda Hogg


    Exceptionally pleased with my results. I had laser treatment on both my legs last June and foam sclertherapy last October. Many thanks Professor Whitely and his team.

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